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    Be mine!

    Oh good it’s that Hallmark-hyped holiday again. Sweet Valentine’s Day, how do I hate thee? Let me count the ways… Months of candy and hearts to remind us the day is coming The mass of crappy romantic movies on every channel for the entire week The kind inquiries by friends who suddenly remember you’re single The rude inquiries by creepy people who suddenly remember you’re single The wondering if you’ll still be single this time next year I could keep going but you might think I’m bitter and depressed so I won’t. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone.

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    The Sighs of the Season

    Ah… I can breathe again. I finally finished my paper for class, completed my presentation at the conference (hungover, no less) and have made it past a number of other work and personal humps. While no means free of stress (I’m hosting a Christmas party in 10 days) I at least feel like I’ve made it past the worst of it. My conference was… interesting. I’m assured that I managed to avoid embarrassing myself too much. Still it was the kind of event with situations that leave you raw and emotional. No doubt combined with the “joyous” Christmas season, I find myself exhausted and a little nauseous and that’s not…

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    The glass is half as filled as it could be

    I know I’m not supposed to spend too much time waxing poetic anymore, but I’m in such a weird place it’s applicable. It seems like everything in my life is in this weird dynamic of good and bad, happy and sad. Work is stressful and management sucks, but I’ve been successful at new tasks and I enjoy most of what I’m doing. The house is in flux and things aren’t repaired yet. But with all the issues in the housing market I am feeling grateful I bought when I did. I feel surrounded by friends and yet still alone. I think it’s about time to make another push in that…

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    Headline News in Sucksville

    So I’m really pretty positive no one is reading this or will ever read this. But the point has been to keep people I don’t talk to that often well informed. So here are the latest news stories in Life o’ Marit: Brother shaved head, not actually a cancer victim Intense work frustration leads to job search Heat wave ruins joys of fall Work stress, apathy leads to academic decline Cholesterol Test Wednesday; Panic ensues Frustration and depression summit this week ‘Caveman’ worst comedy since invention of wheel Have a great week ya’ll!

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    Car Closure

    As you know if you read my blog regularly (and let’s face it, you probably don’t) I traded in my 1992 Honda Accord for a shiny new 2001 Honda Accord about a month ago. Now my old Honda has been cleaned up and put up for sale (see link in title). I’m really glad they didn’t just send it to the junk heap. It was a good car and I hope it will be a good car for someone else. 🙂 And since I usually use my consumer feedback powers for evil rather than good (I whine a lot) I thought I should shout out to the company that gave…

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    Marit 2.0

    While I’m pretty sure that no one cares what I ate for lunch today, I have begun to think that the best blogs detail the day-to-day lives of ordinary people in an interesting and entertaining way. No one reads this blog as far as I can tell so it’s hard to tell if I’m entertaining, but I know that up to this point many of my posts have been about thoughts, theories and moping: some brought on by circumstance but most just personal musings when I realized I hadn’t written for awhile. I’m pretty sure that last sentence wasn’t entertaining. So here’s my new leaf- I’m going to use this…

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    The Good Fight

    I’m not a very political person. I follow the news and investigate my options before I vote (and I do vote, in nearly every election) but I don’t go out and campaign for anyone, or read a candidates blog or even donate to either party. I am a registered Democrat, because I’m more socially liberal, however I’m in favor of the death penalty and a government that doesn’t regulate my personal life, which are more Republican attributes. I voted for Bush in 2000. I voted Libertarian in 2004 because I was not a fan of either candidate. Why am I saying all this? Because I don’t want anyone to misunderstand…

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    Back in the saddle? What’s a saddle?

    Why don’t guys make the first move anymore? It may just be me, but it seems like an awful lot of hints- or more than hints- have to be dropped before anything happens. There used to be a mandate on these things. If it wasn’t a “Sadie Hawkins” thing (and who the hell was she to rock the boat anyway?) then the guy always did the asking. Maybe I’m traditional, or maybe I just have a vibe that says “don’t ask me out” but things seem really difficult these days. My roommate, let’s call her Emily, has just broken up with her boyfriend a month ago and already she’s found…

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    The Question that Follows

    Some life events have questions that naturally follow those events. Though it’s really quite rude, people always seem to ask the newly married couple when they’ll be getting married. Even worse (and probably much less welcome) people who have kids always seem to be asked when they’re going to have their next one. These are very personal questions but they seem to be tolerated in our nosy society, and I’ve just found a new circumstance for them: the single girl who owns a house. Since I’ve moved in three weeks ago I have had several friends and coworkers – people who know me and know I’m not dating anyone –…