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    It’s politics season. Once every four years my favorite time of year (yeah, fall!) is marred by the Battle for the White House. Ok, “marred” might be too strong a term. I think it’s wonderful that we have a chance to select our leaders, locally and nationally. Even though the people I vote for almost always lose I recognize that this is an important process and take my vote very seriously. I always investigate my options and make my voting decisions based on the canidates records and their plans for the future. But I do think that your political opinions should be just that: opinions. If you want to share…

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    The Sighs of the Season

    Ah… I can breathe again. I finally finished my paper for class, completed my presentation at the conference (hungover, no less) and have made it past a number of other work and personal humps. While no means free of stress (I’m hosting a Christmas party in 10 days) I at least feel like I’ve made it past the worst of it. My conference was… interesting. I’m assured that I managed to avoid embarrassing myself too much. Still it was the kind of event with situations that leave you raw and emotional. No doubt combined with the “joyous” Christmas season, I find myself exhausted and a little nauseous and that’s not…

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    Busy, busy, crazy busy

    God, I haven’t written in SO long. Bad blogger! Quick update: work is stressful and busy my class is stressful and keeping me busy barely made it to Thanksgiving but did get some much needed R&R over that weekend Coming events: UNC CAUSE conference for work Christmas parties – including my own Christmas shopping and cards (WAY behind on that stuff) Roommate is making me nuts. There are reindeer ALL OVER. I don’t think I can make it through another year living with her. I hate clutter and there is just too much stuff in this house. Unfortunately, I also hate confrontations so I haven’t yet worked out how to…

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    Headline News in Sucksville

    So I’m really pretty positive no one is reading this or will ever read this. But the point has been to keep people I don’t talk to that often well informed. So here are the latest news stories in Life o’ Marit: Brother shaved head, not actually a cancer victim Intense work frustration leads to job search Heat wave ruins joys of fall Work stress, apathy leads to academic decline Cholesterol Test Wednesday; Panic ensues Frustration and depression summit this week ‘Caveman’ worst comedy since invention of wheel Have a great week ya’ll!

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    hodgepodge: pick n’ choose

    My professor referenced an obscure Bare NakedLadies song in order to make a point today in class. I seriously doubt that anyone in that room other than me had even heard of the song. This class has some terrible readings (think 120 pages of stereo instructions) but this prof does a good job of explaining things and he’s Canadian so occasionally I get these hilarious and strange references. My weekend was GREAT- thanks for asking. Both my teams won and the hockey game went to overtime and was wonderful. The weather was incredible, the food and beer plentiful and tasty and the friends didn’t make fun of me as much…

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    Wednesday Evening, 10pm

    I broke my rule a little bit. The 9/11 post was long so here’s a quick update my day-to-day shit: This weekend looks perfect. Football (State) on Saturday and hockey (Canes) on Sunday! Next weekend is the Oktoberfest (yes, I know it’s not October- not my decision!). All I have to do is get through the week overflowing with work and class readings. Speaking of work, I’m getting to do more stuff I want to but not getting to drop the other stuff I have to. I haven’t cracked yet but I think the strain is beginning to show. Roommate is in the throes of new-relationship joy with yet another…

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    Road Trippin’

    As I briefly mentioned in a past post, my office is going through a reorganization. If you’ve never had the pleasure you should try to keep it that way. Since the office is ripe with doubt, frustration and misery I’m quite anxious to be distracted. The new car has distracted me beautifully (oh my god, I got into work early this morning because I couldn’t wait to get up so I could drive my car. I am lame. That’s an actual quote from a friend when I told them that story.) but it can’t last forever. My new distraction is the fact that I’m going to the mountains this weekend!…

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    Ode to my Honda

    I bought my 1992 Honda Accord in September of 2001, (not a difficult time to remember). When I bought it it had 180,000 miles on it and my expectation was that it would get me through my college years. If I recall correctly I paid $3250 or thereabouts; the lean, college years and all that. Two weeks from now would have marked my six year anniversary with that car (it lasted me two years past a long overdue end of my college career). I hit 225,000 miles on it last week. Both of those are great statistics. My car (Angel) has been all over the south and as far north…

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    Joy to the World

    We sit at the precipice of my favorite time of year.I can’t tell you for sure the day it starts, but one day it’s just here. We have in front of us a good six months of great sports, activities, weather and more and I love the anticipation of all that’s to come… Sports: football, hockey, the best of the baseball (what little there is) and then basketball Activities: fall parties, weddings, vacations, tailgating, band competitions (don’t you judge me!), holidays, Oktoberfest Weather: cooler temperatures with lovely breezes, nice crisp winter air More: Thanksgiving food, Christmas food, fall and winter movies, the leaves turning colors, time with family and friends…