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    Give a little bit

    So I’ve decided what good is a blog without some purpose? What are you, dear reader, getting out of wasting your time on my particular blog? So I’ve decided to start occasionally evaluate products and services. And in my desire for a good visual cue, I’ve created a little design logo for these business reviews.For the good ones: For the not good ones: So to begin, I’d like to give “mad props” to Pack Rats storage units. They will come and drop off a storage box which you can then take all the time you need to fill. They will come pick it up, place it in a storage facility…

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    It’s been awhile I know. I expect my excuse- a 2 week long vacation isn’t going to draw any sympathy, but I also suspect no one is reading this anyway! I have, since my last post, vacationed and then moved into my new apartment. I can’t boast much more, including unpacking since work and friends have side-tracked me. Apparently if there isn’t anyone there to nag you about unpacking, you won’t do it (which makes sense and reminds me how many people I know who live alone and have never really unpacked…). I’m such a slacker. Actually, I’m thinking about going back to school, which, with a full-time job would…

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    Shout Not

    My cousin has her own blog (which actually inspired me to start this one- more on THAT later) and a recent post was very poignant. My cousin split up with the man she thought she was going to marry, two years ago. She blames herself, but I blame a certain lack of understanding and the inability for men and women to ever really be on the same timeline/wavelength/agree on anything more important than pizza toppings. But that’s really just an excuse, and I have spent my whole life making excuses. I don’t have a tragic love story, not really, because I have never committed enough to a guy to have…

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    Party Down Party People

    Oooh I get to go on vacation today! I have spent years, ever since I started working at 15, avoiding vacation, thinking it was more important that I work. It’s a pity youth is wasted on the young. I have decided to abandon that viewpoint, though it is helped by my new job which does give paid vacation. Unfortunatly I have now used all of my first year’s vacation a month after starting my job but… I say I’m due. So tonight I leave for New York city. Get to party with some friends from HS and my brothers. Then it’s off to Toronto where I get to party with…

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    Busy weekend

    First off, continuing with my rash of car troubles, I got to my car after work last Thursday and found that it refused to start. Wouldn’t even think about trying to click, sputter etc. I gave up, got a resuce and went to dinner. Happily, unlike my last troubles, this one was simply solved with the discovery that the battery wasn’t properly connected following my brothers installation of a new stereo. Dude! Sweet! I’m a little paranoid about bad things happening in three’s though, so I’m concerned about the next car problem… This weekend I moved out of the apartment I have lived in for two and a half years.…

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    Jesus, Murphy!

    My brother is staying with me. I love my brother, however he is a 16 year old boy who has recently gotten a license which is always somewhat alarming. Apparently you don’t have to be a mom to use the “air brake” from the passenger seat.So I have been trying to give him tips. My Honda is like a race car compared to the truck he normally uses, so I have allowed the opportunity to drive it. And we all know- no good deed goes unpunished. I made a point of telling my brother that you “cannot lock your keys in my car because you have to lock the driver…

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    Work, work, work

    I love my job but there are many days when I want to bang my head against a wall for the sheer idiocy of it all. I would like to assume it has something to do with having a state job, and maybe that’s part of it, but from what I hear in the wide world, most offices largely fall prey to these things. I’d give you a ‘top ten’ list but sadly, it’s then end of a day and my mind, having been distorted by the requirements of my day, can no longer put this together. My high points, however, involve: Need for more resources/space/money/help. Requests for these things…

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    Dude! Sweet! I know what you’re thinking… this is just what Jen needs. A place for her to have the oppurtunity to expound upon her considerable number of ridiculous thoughts. You’re right. It’s absurd. Hopefully no one will read this but me, and hopefully when I read it I won’t be embarresed at how retarded I am. Is there a spell-checker on here?